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National assignment

Managing theses as an information source was assigned to ABES in September 2010. This assignment is not just linked to any one specific application such as STAR, STEP, Sudoc or theses.fr and instead requires an overall vision of thesis information management including :

  • implementing the information management policy for theses steered by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (through MISTRD, the body charged with managing scientific and technical information and the information resource network) ;
  • manage relations with existing or future external partners from both the public and private sectors ;
  • liaise with the Ministry concerning those areas which were not assigned to ABES such as copyright or information rights.

Assignments transferred from the MESR to ABES

The assignment of managing thesis as an information source results from the transfer of several areas of work from the Ministry for Higher Education and Research (MESR) to ABES. This transfer entailed listing and dividing the management of theses into the following three categories:

  • work transferred entirely to ABES
    • management and modernisation of the Central Theses File (FCT);
    • training for information and users;
    • document-based standardisation of theses (as part of the overall transfer of standardisation work from the MESR to ABES).
  • work shared by ABES and the MESR
    • the implementation of a policy aimed at promoting and disseminating digital thesis content ;
    • the launch of the theses portal. ABES is in charge of technical and functional aspects in compliance with the recommendations of the Decision Making Operations Committee ;
    • consultancy for the implementation or reorganisation of services ;
    • the creation, updates and housing of various reference documents such as the thesis deposit form, guide for doctoral students and so forth.
  • MESR steering activities:
    • authorising institutions to grant doctorates ;
    • ministry in charge of partner organisations involved in the dissemination or promotion of theses such as the National Thesis Reproduction Workshops (ANRT) or university presses ;
    • legal affairs (particularly concerning intellectual property).

The manager of the thesis assignment at ABES works closely with and coordinates the work of other ABES agents working on an operational level in the various departments and sectors including applications and project supervisors, network managers and metadata supervisors.

Contact : theses@abes.fr

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