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Hosting platform

ABES offers an optional hosting service for digital theses as a supplementary feature with the STAR application.

This service can be used instead of setting up a local dissemination server or sending theses to a national platform like TEL (Thèses-En-Ligne, Online Theses) or as a complementary means of distribution that works alongside these dissemination circuits.

How does it work?

This is a storage platform which provides access to full text versions of digital theses if the authors and other rights holders have approved their internet dissemination. There is not a specific consultation interface; instead documents can be consulted via the theses.fr portal, the Sudoc catalogue and local library catalogues.

The access URLs are constructed in the following format:

http://www.theses.fr/Numéro National de Thèse/abes

Example: http://www.theses.fr/2008TOUR3301/abes

When a thesis entry is validated, the access URL is automatically added to the corresponding metadata. This URL is sent to both Sudoc and the OAI-PMH repository (if internet dissemination has been authorised: DISCOVER/Représentation=true)

How to ...

  • request the removal of a thesis: users can request that ABES take a thesis off the platform but the URL access address in the Sudoc record also needs to be deleted by the institution which made the request.
  • refuse to allow a thesis to be disseminated: in this case the thesis will not be made available on the ABES platform and will not be assigned a URL. In this case, the awarding institution will be responsible for providing access to its theses by intranet, consultation on a PC, CD-ROM and so forth.
  • disseminate a thesis split up into several parts or with annexes or in available in several different formats: the URL leads to an HTML page which gives access to all the documents. Example : http://www.theses.fr/2009ECAP0009/abes

If you require any further information please contact the ABESstp help desk.

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