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Consulting a thesis using Sudoc

Since 1972, the Sudoc catalogue has provided exhaustive referencing of all French doctoral theses with theses in medicine and dentistry referenced since 1982. The catalogue is continually being updated to include retrospective conversion of older print version theses.

Finding a thesis on Sudoc

The libraries of the Sudoc network reference all the theses submitted to their host institutions in the Sudoc catalogue . When the full text version of a thesis is available on the Web, its bibliographic record includes a link giving access to that version.

To find out how to search for a thesis reference in the Sudoc catalogue : please click here.

If a document cannot be found, users can then search the library collections of the author’s host institution. The library of the author’s host university or institution keeps the original version of the thesis along with the copy available for consultation on library premises or through an inter-library loan.

Consulting a thesis

  • print version : please contact the author’s host institution library or the Inter-Library Loan service of your own university library.
  • microfiche version : contact university libraries working in the same discipline field.
  • full text version (if available) : search the sites which provide full-text versions of theses (see "thesis sites ")

Conditions and prices for consulting theses on the premises or for lending vary according to the type of library and user status.

Theses submitted in medicine and dentistry can be consulted at :

Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire de Santé (Inter-University Health Library)
 BIUS - 12 rue de l'Ecole de Médecine - 75 006 Paris - Tel : (+33)(0)1 40 46 19 51

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