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Shared Document Preservation Plans

Collections of printed journals are of course a very rich source of information for which there is a strong demand from library users. However these holdings require a great deal of storage space, their paper format is fragile and these journals’ high level of diversity means it is impossible for any one institution to provide exhaustive coverage.

For these reasons, and to guarantee user access to these collections, certain libraries have opted to group their collections together either on a regional basis or according to a specific shared subject. In this way they can share costslinked to the preservation of and accessto these journals.

The existing shared preservation plans are often managed by regional book organisations and several have asked to be referenced on Sudoc via their assigned Sudoc-PS Regional Centres.

The Shared Document Preservation Plans (PCPPs in French for “Plans de Conservation Partagée”) are set up on a regional basis and are mostly multidisciplinary apart from two subject-based plans (the Medicine PCPP and the Arts and Industry PCPP). A third subject-based preservation plan is planned - the Law PCPP, led by the Cujas Regional Centre.

As of summer 2011, 11 preservation plans have been referenced in the Sudoc catalogue, either fully or in part:

  • Aquitaine Regional Plan (PCAq)
  • Auvergne Regional Plan (PCAuv)
  • Bourgogne Regional Plan (PCBo)
  • Franche-Comté Regional Plan (PCFC)
  • Midi-Pyrénées Regional Plan (PCMP)
  • Nord-Pas-Calais Regional Plan (PCNPDC)
  • PACA Regional Plan (PCPACA)
  • Picardie Regional Plan (PCPic)
  • Rhône-Alpes Regional Plan (PCRA)
  • Île-de-France Medicine and Human Biology Plan (PCMed)
  • ENSAM network - Arts & Métiers - Plan (PCAM)


Map of the "Shared Document Preservation" (PCP)


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