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The Sudoc-PS network

The Sudoc-PS network is in charge of referencing serial publications in the Sudoc catalogue, having taken over the missions and organisation of the former CCNPS (National Union catalogue of Serial Publications) which was set up in May 1982. Its coverage range goes beyond just the “deployed” or member libraries since it also references publications from non-university libraries (municipal or private libraries and archive centres for example) which reference their serial publication holdings statements on Sudoc.
 Records for series publications and holdings statements from around 2,000 libraries which are not “deployed” on the Sudoc network are referenced and modified by the 31 managers of Regional Centres.

  • Shared Document Preservation Plans

    Collections of printed journals are of course a very rich source of information for which there is a strong demand from library users. However these holdings require a great deal of storage space, their paper format is fragile and these journals’ high level of diversity means it is impossible for any one institution to provide exhaustive coverage.

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