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The Sudoc catalog

The Sudoc catalogue is a rich collection featuring over 10 million bibliographic records (monographs, theses, periodicals series and other types of documents). It also offers the possibility for users to find documents in the collections of the French university and higher education and research libraries which belong to the Sudoc network. On top of that, Sudoc also catalogues the series collections of periodicals held by around 2 400 other French documentation centres.

What can you do with the Sudoc catalogue ?

  • run bibliographic searches ;
  • find out which libraries have the documents you require ;
  • consult documents by contacting the libraries which possess them ;
  • find the contact details and addresses of all libraries in the Sudoc network in the "Directory of Libraries" on the catalogue home page ;
  • directly access certain documents available in digital format by clicking on the clickable area of a bibliographic record or directly on the  icon in the results list which links to the on-line document ;
  • request an Inter-Library Loan (ILL) through your home university or research library.

Several consultation modes are possible: public (Web and Z39.50) and professional (WinIBW and Z39.50)

The Sudoc catalogue data can also be accessed via the Union catalogue of France (CCFr) which covers the holdings of the National Library of France (BNF) and French municipal libraries selected because their collections are of historical or local interest (BMR, Retroconverted Municipal Libraries).


Main functions of the Sudoc catalogue

http://www.sudoc.abes.fr can be freely accessed using any internet browser.
 With all bibliographic searches, it is possible to :

  • Choose between around twenty indexes which may be combined using the advanced search mode ;
  • Refine search equations using Boolean operators (and, or, not) ;
  • Sort results by author, date, relevance.

In the advanced search mode :

  • Results can be filtered using different options such as type of document, year, publication language or country of publication. Other filters such as department, library and documentation centre are available to check whether a document is in a given collection;
  • The search by subject function can be accessed and users can browse through the index of “subject headings” which are mainly constructed on the basis of the Rameau syntax, a controlled vocabulary used by French librarians for subject-based indexing. The Mesh language which specialises in medical vocabulary is also used on Sudoc.

... other services available

  • access to full text articles via the  icon even with the shorter display of results;
  • faceted browsing replaces batch analysis enabling users to refine their searches;
  • optimisation of the Google Books link (Sudoc records are still displayed even if the Google server is not available);
  • autosuggest for the libraries filter in advanced search mode;
  • presentation and formatting of Sudoc records to facilitate their indexing by search engines such as Google or Yahoo;
  • additional ILL functions (independent requests, list of suppliers).

The Sudoc catalogue in Unicode

The Sudoc catalogue has been available in Unicode since 2005 to enable the addition of records in non-Latin characters to enhance the catalogue.

If the display in UTF-8 does not work correctly, a Unicode font needs to be installed on your internet browser. See user help manual : Configuring Unicode

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