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Sudoc in WorldCat


From the 164 member institutions of Sudoc, 114 are available in WorldCat.

Why join WorldCat?

  • for an increased visibility of higher education and research institutions in the WorldCat catalogue and the web in general thanks to OCLC's agreements with Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.
  • to use Worldcat APIs

WorldCat APIs help combine WorldCat applications with local systems. They improve the features of OPACs by integrating WorldCat functionalities and data.

  • To derive records in order to relieve the workload of the original catalogue
  • To compare your holdings with others in libraries in France and other countries by using the Collection Analysis tool. A feasibility study for a pilot project on the use of Collection analysis (payable separately) is underway.

Worldcat is a fee-based service. The membership is proportional to the number of monographs made available by the institution.

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By joining WorldCat, libraries become members of the OCLC's EMEA Regional Council (Europe, Middle-East, Asia), or EMEARC. They elect delegates who will represent them in OCLC's Global Council.

EMEA regional councils are convened every year in a different country.

WorldCat Member Institutions

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