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Système Universitaire de Documentation

  • The Sudoc catalog

    The Sudoc catalogue is a rich collection featuring over 10 million bibliographic records (monographs, theses, periodicals series and other types of documents). It also offers the possibility for users to find documents in the collections of the French university and higher education and research libraries which belong to the Sudoc network. On top of that, Sudoc also catalogues the series collections of periodicals held by around 2 400 other French documentation centres.

    What can you do with the Sudoc catalogue ?

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  • Libraries' directory


    About 3400 libraries take part in Sudoc and Sudoc PS networks. The Libraries' Directory gives reliable information to indetify them, locate them and find out offered services (opening hours, holdings,...)

    What is the Libraries'Directory for ?

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  • Sudoc in WorldCat

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