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The Inter-Library Loan Service (ILL)

ILL is a service which enables a network of libraries and documentation centres to make or receive document supply requests for both copies and original documents.

For a network of Sudoc member libraries

This service is mainly aimed at libraries belonging to institutions which do cataloguing work on Sudoc.

For other libraries

This service is solely for libraries making requests, be they Sudoc-PS member libraries which catalogue their serial publications or libraries in other countries.

For users

Sudoc’s “deployed” or member libraries can assign logins and passwords to users which authorise them to send what are known as “preliminary” requests. These requests are subsequent to a document search on the catalogue via Sudoc’s web interface and are received and validated by the user’s home library.

Interconnected with the PIB network

Note: In France there are two Inter-Library Loans networks, the PEB (Prêts Entre Bibliothèques) and PIB (Prêt Inter-Bibliothèques) networks. The PEB network is made of up of libraries from universities and other institutions belonging to the Sudoc network. The PIB network is made up of public libraries which use the French Union List (Catalogue collectif de France, CCFr).

The PIB network libraries can send document supply requests to libraries in the PEB network and vice versa using a standardised ISO/ILL interconnection set up to enable dialogue between these two heterogeneous networks.

Distinct tools for accessing the ILL service

Sudoc’s “deployed” or member libraries use the professional software program WinIBW to connect to Supeb, the ILL management module while the other libraries use the Sudoc web interface via which users may only send requests and track them.

The PIB networks use their usual interface.

Features available

These features are relatively standard. Here is a list:

  • completely interlinked system from document searches on the catalogue to an ILL request being sent to the rest of the network;
  • automatic circulation of ILL requests;
  • parametering of the suppliers’ activity and opening hours;
  • creating a chain between different libraries from the same institution so that the ILL system is centralised in a given library;
  • it is possible to authorise users to send their own ILL requests via a WEB access while also retaining a certain level of control of transactions;
  • it is possible for users or libraries who are not “deployed” members of Sudoc to make ILL requests via the Sudoc Web interface.
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