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IdRef -Authority data for the Sudoc, Calames and theses.fr catalogues

IdRef stands for « Identifiants et Référentiels » and is a web application developed and maintained by ABES.

By using IdRef, end-users and client applications can search, browse, create and enhance authority records of the Calames, Sudoc and Theses.fr catalogues.

Why using authority records ?

  • To match authors and documents
  • To improve and standardize the indexing process for a better information retrieval by end-users
  • To facilitate / ease the work of library and information professionals

In accordance with its mission of referencing resources, ABES deals with authority files that may contain personal data such as: data of birth, specific forms of names, country. These files have been registered and acknowledged by the CNIL  .

However, if one does not wish to have one’s personal data displayed on the ABES catalogues, a form to be filled-in is available on each IdRef record. To do so, click on the “Signaler une erreur” button. The request is sent to dedicated library staff across the country. Once it has been dealt with, the requester and ABES are informed. The full and detailed procedure is available on the ABES help desk .


A unique identifier for multiple works

By searching authoritative data of the Sudoc , Calames and theses.fr catalogues, client software can retrieve either a full authority record or the controlled form only along with its unique and persistent 9-character-identifier known as PPN number.

The use of authoritative data broadens the scope of searching information via interconnected databases.

An end-user can also browse the list of an author’s works referenced on the ABES catalogues and linked to the authority record. For instance, browse this authority record also available on theses.fr


And more

From the IdRef online help further information is available:

(please note that the documentation is available in French only)

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