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Interaction with IdRef forms

Interaction with IdRef forms, by Javascript


This service allows an external application to be "linked" to IdRef.

The passage of information between two Web applications is difficult because the security rules of cross-browsers are too restrictive.

 Installation of the code needed around your application

Add to your application's JavaScript directory the two javascript files that can be recovered here:




Add to the principal page of your application:

script type="text/javascript" src="votre_repertoire/formulaire.js"

script type="text/javascript" src="votre_repertoire/SubModal.js"

JavaScript code to add to your application

An example of the javascript code is available here:


It is explained that:

the envoiClient() function allows orders and values to be entered in IdRef.

And that:

the traiteResultat() function allows the client application to recover information.

These functions exist as form.js and can be altered as at your inclination.

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