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IdRef - Exposure of IdRef and authority records

IdRef is meant to be interconnected with other documentary applications, and ABES developed it so that partnership with Higher Education and Research Institutions could be possible.

Therefore, collaborative programs have been set up with BnF , the French national library that manages the website data.bnf.fr and the CCSD (Center for Direct Scientific Communication) that manages the Open Archive HAL in order to initiate exchanges between each repositories.

ABES also aims  at making  IdRef an external repository of authority records for any documentary institutions or actors willing to be connected to international repositories without  lining them up to IdRef data.

 IdRef, as a search interface …

IdRef authority data can be searched and visualized through a website (www.idref.fr ), based on a SolR search engine.

ABES’ policy about open data allows almost all authority records to be provided under the Etalab License (data may be used providing that the source “Agence Bibliographique de l’enseignement supérieur” is mentioned). IdRef fits into the global movement of semantic web and linked data.

IdRef and webservices…

Authority data reported in the public domain are available through webservices. They may be delivered in either raw or refined form, but still easily reusable.

  • Search webservice : to search IdRef data (according to SolR recommandations) > Read the documentation
  • Biblio : to get Sudoc bibliographic records linked to an IdRef authority record for a person > Read the documentation
  • Merged : to retrieve the IdRef identifier  for a valid record from the deprecated one,  after a merging > Read the documentation
  • Modified : to get the IdRef identifiers of all updated authority records from a given date > Read the documentation
  • Iln2RCR : to get the list of all libraries depending on the same Sudoc network member (identified by its ILN number) > Read the documentation
  • IdRef in Unimarc/XML : to get IdRef authority data in  Unimarc/XML format > Read the documentation
  • IdRef in RDF/XML : to get  IdRef authority data in  RDF/XML format > Read the documentation
  • Interact to IdRef forms using JavaScript : a JavaScript solution to make interaction between IdRef and any website  possible> Read the documentation

 (please note that the documentation is available in French only)

 IdRef has been devised and developed by ABES.

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