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OAI-PMH Harvesting

The Calames catalogue can be harvested thanks to the OAI-PMH protocol as of the end of 2010.

Only Calames records (that is to say the components such as the “shelf mark” but not the “division”) have been converted into Dublin Core and made available in an OAI repository found at this public address: http://www.calames.abes.fr/oai/oai2.aspx

The datasets available correspond to the RCR numbers (identification numbers for French libraries assigned by ABES) of libraries with at least one EAD file published in the catalogue: http://www.calames.abes.fr/oai/oai2.aspx?verb=ListSets

21 categories of EAD data are used to fill in 12 distinct Dublin Core fields: [i.e. Institutions responsible for intellectual access, Holdings/collection], Author(s), Subject(s), Physical Description, Year, Language, Index, Rights, Type of document.

Characteristic technical features

The transformation from a hierarchical structure (in EAD) to a batch of same-level entries (in DC) does lead to a significant reduction in the quality of the information. This is due to the selective nature of the Dublin Core fields, the loss of the data’s background “heritage” details and the lack of a context for the records.

Example of Calames records being reused via OAI

The European Consortium of Research Libraries CERL Portal which is one of the main sources of access to the cultural heritage data in the collections of European libraries.

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